Although the latest blog post was published more than 1 year ago, Notifier is still alive and maintained. I just haven't added any big features to write about.

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February Updates

This month Notifier turned 6 months old 🎉 Thanks for using and supporting it! Here are some nice features and improvements that I added in February.

Focus on RSS Integrations

Since the majority of the customers use only RSS integrations I decided to focus more on them. So I'm planning to add more content sources for RSS integrations and to improve the current integrations. Let me know which content sources you'd like to have.

On the other side, I removed the ability to add new non-RSS integrations (e.g. sending notifications to email, webhooks, or Slack). The existing ones will be supported until 1st of May. After that they'll be shut down. If you'd like to continue using them I'd suggest switching to Zapier, which supports a lot of different integrations. Drop me a line if you need help transferring your integrations there.

Fast Content Delivery to Your RSS Readers

I added WebSub protocol (former PubSubHubBub) support to RSS feeds. If your RSS reader supports that protocol (e.g. Feedly, Feedbin) new RSS items would appear in the reader immediately.

I also reduced delay in how fast Telegram messages appear in your RSS feeds after they have been posted to a Telegram channel.

RSS Feeds Improvements

Telegram messages in RSS feeds are linked now to their original pages on So if you'd like to open a Telegram message in your browser or share its URL just click on its title in your RSS reader.

Email messages in RSS feeds have now its sender set. Most RSS readers display it beneath the title. Here is an example from Feedly:

Example of email author in Feedly

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Published on February 28, 2018

Paid Plan, Telegram Integrations, and Other Updates

I launched the paid plan for 4 €/month. It allows you to get up to 20,000 notifications per month and add Telegram integrations. More details on the pricing page.

The free plan will remain as well. It allows you to get up to 100 notifications per month. Unfortunately, due to Telegram limitations, I can't support Telegram integration for free anymore. In one week (on January 25) the existing Telegram integrations will be deactivated for accounts without the paid plan.

I also created a page with personal integrations list. In case you don't see some of your integrations on that page you could add it here. For RSS integrations you could click on the feed heading in your RSS reader or open URL from the RSS feed's <link>.

Published on January 11, 2018